Friday, July 30, 2010

Considering Our Own Perceptions

     Today, as I wrote an assignment for school, I used my own tendency toward stereotyping as an example.  Many are not brave enough to do so, but stereotypes are human nature.  They allow us to classify and understand information faster, though perhaps not at maximum efficiency since they can be misleading.  I mentioned how, by recognizing stereotypes that influence my behaviors toward certain people initially I was able to overcome that bias that was making the relationships, in general, slightly more difficult.

    Then I was searching for topics for my two Examiner articles for today.  The Challenge is almost over so those publications will no doubt slow a bit, but it was nice having the motivation to write more each day.  I published one on a local natural food store with a deli and seating and all.... not that interesting to people not in the area haha.  But I wanted to publish one in the Buddhism Examiner section and so I decided to use this story, which may be only a story, but never the less, an interesting way to present a lesson that was along similar lines to the lesson I had previously learned that I was explaining in my assignment.

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