Friday, July 30, 2010

A Cool Announcement!

     The minister at my temple in Hawaii, Taiheiji, has read my Buddhism Examiner articles and requested permission to reprint some in the monthly newsletter.  Though it's not the same as being requested by TIME magazine or something, at the same time, it is JUST that cool to me.  Because of that temple and that community I was able to endure a 15-month long separation from my husband while he was deployed to Iraq, as well as the stress of being in school above full-time (so I could graduate before we moved again), and being isolated, not just from family but from the continental US.  It's an island, you can't exactly cross state-lines haha.

    Naturally, I said I'd be happy to grant them reprint permission, so I'll get to see some of my writing starting in the August newsletter (^^)v 


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