Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Class Discussion...

    So we're reviewing each others assignments today and supposed to comment on them and I'm reading this woman's paper on the Insanity Plea.  Then I get to part of her paper discussing civil commitment of criminals, locking them up in mental hospitals instead of charging them and sending them to prisons or locking them up in mental hospitals after serving their sentences in prison to keep them off the streets.

    As I read, I realized what I was reading sounded REALLY familiar.  I had written that!  I started to get mad because I had posted my assignment in the discussion earlier than she had, but when I went back and reviewed my assignment, it wasn't the same.  So why was it so familiar?

    I read on a little further and realized she cited me in her paper!!  She had taken the information from one of my Suite101 articles on the topic and then cited me haha.  Her citation was incorrect, not in APA style, but I gave her some pointers on fixing it next time and told her that I thought it was funny when I read that part of her paper and realized it was mine, then saw she had cited my article.  Kinda cool after that :-)

Here's the article she was citing: Civil Commitment of the Mentally Ill

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