Sunday, July 25, 2010

More for the Buddhism Examiner

    The Heart Sutra can take some getting used to because of the old-school names and words in it, even in translations, but it is a valuable Buddhist sutra chanted during nearly every service at my temple in Hawaii, Taiheiji.

     In Buddhism, parables have long been used as a means of demonstrating the Teachings, in a memorable and safe way of getting the points across.  I have presented two stories so far, and plan to present many.  I'd like to include as many short Buddhism articles as possible so that I can share what I have learned, and what I continue learning, while keeping the articles easy, quick reads for a general audience.  If I pique anyone's interest, feel free to contact me with Buddhism-related questions, and if I do not have an answer I can get one from my Minister.  That goes for my other articles as well, I'm always open to answer questions or providing more information ♥

**This photograph is courtesy of my friend Mike and was taken in Japan while he is 留学している

It took me a while, but I found a pic that did NOT have a spider in it haha.

♥♥♥ Thanks for reading, and keeping up while my writing grows ♥♥♥

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