Friday, August 6, 2010

Happy Aloha Friday!

     It's funny how, during the week it feels "busy" but never feels like I'm really stressed or anything, at least not too much, but then Friday gets here and I just feel exhausted!  That Insanity Max Cardio Conditioning workout at 5:30am probably didn't help (笑)

    I published a couple articles for my Buddhism Examiner post this week.  Both involve Buddhist parables which are like stories meant to help teach a lesson:

   I also published another for my Japan Expert post at Experts123:

    And I've been slowly collecting links to articles I've written at Break Studios and adding them to the articles I have listed on my website.  Break Studios gathers articles for several sites, but I find most of mine end up at so a lot of topics are "dude-ish" but they're relatively simple so it's good for my pocket ;-)

    I'm in the last 2 full weeks of this session so I'm REALLY looking forward to a short break and a change in classes.  I don't mind the Psychology of Criminal Behavior class much, in fact I enjoyed it, but this other class I have focuses on Assessment in clinical and forensic settings and it's really not my cup of tea.  During my break (which really isn't a "break," a week I think) I'm hoping to finish the beginning of Taiheiji's website.  Taiheiji is my temple in Hawaii, a Soto-Zen temple.  I've been working on building the temple a website since I have very modest web design skills and the current/previous site was a bit lacking.  Hopefully it'll turn out all right!

Anyway, as always, thanks for checking in and keeping up with my writing!

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