Sunday, September 26, 2010

Updates and New Articles

     So, I'm not exactly "loving" my graduate program right now and that's making the workload about 2-3 times more difficult.  It's my own fault because ultimately I should have read through the curriculum more carefully before jumping into the program, but I was in a rush to get started with my student loan repayment date closing in.  It's okay though... I'll stick it out and graduate in the spring.  But I'm planning on changing my focus from Forensic Psych to Sports and Performance Psych when I move on to my Doctorate.  That's become a bit more "me" anyway (^-^)v

    I have a couple new articles for the Buddhism Examiner this week, and with changes to the Examiner policies I'm hoping to start writing more frequently!  These are both about meditation in Buddhism, Zazen in particular because I am a Zen Buddhist:

     I also have a link here to a refined Google search listing all of my eHow articles so far, which I have written through Demand Media Studios. 

     For those that aren't aware, I am also an Independent Beachbody Coach and over at Demand Studios I saw an article about choosing a Team Beachbody Coach to sign up with.  Naturally I snagged up that assignment and it can be found here: How to Choose a Team Beachbody Coach to Sign Up With.
    My Coach site is for anyone interested in learning more about home fitness programs, nutritionals for improving health and losing weight, and also for anyone interested in learning about becoming a Beachbody Coach for the opportunity to build a home-based business with GREAT earning potential!

    While school sucks up a large amount of my time at the moment, I am trying to follow through on my promise to create and donate a website to my Buddhist temple in Hawaii.  What I have so far all are welcome to check out:   Keep in mind that not all links are active yet and we're still working on the design specifics, but it's up and coming.

    And lastly, my new fitness site is up and getting started.  I only published it so far so I could share it and get feedback but that can be found at:
    I wanted to start separating the Beachbody Coach stuff from my original site and sort of "de-clutter" that one and return it to its original purpose - a cookbook and resource for my sisters and friends.

As always, I hope all are well, and thanks for reading and keeping up with me!

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