Sunday, December 5, 2010

Bodhi Day 2010

     For those who are Buddhist, interested in becoming Buddhist, or simply interested in Buddhism and want to know more, I do my best to publish interesting and informative articles as the National Buddhism Examiner.  At times, with grad school, my articles are infrequent.  This is because, rather than publish half-hearted content I'd prefer to wait and publish something I put some time into.  Schoolwork can interfere at times, even though the Examiner articles tend to be short, but school is almost out!

     I have less than two weeks left for this Fall Semester and then only one semester left, January to April, before I can take my Comprehensive Exams and graduate!!

     Anyway, I wrote an article today since it's December 5th and December 8th is Bodhi Day.  I appreciate everyone that takes the time to read my articles, and comments are always welcome!

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