Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Entertaining Vegetarians During Holidays

     I suppose technically this advice works for all occasions, not just holidays.  I have my phases where I will eat absolutely no meat, and other phases like now where I feel I have to eat some meat in order to sustain my bdy (I workout a LOT!)  When I'm not eating any meat, or dairy, it can be hard for those who invite my husband and I to get-togethers or parties and such because we get there and I'll realize everything contains dairy and 90% of the choices contain meat. I remember once ordering a side of green beans in North Carolina at a restaurant with friends, thinking it'd be "safe" and they came cooked in bacon grease.... yeah, seriously.... or having dinner with family when they have smothered the pasta in meat sauce...

     Anyway, I included this article with tips for converting basic menus for a party to accommodate vegetarian guests even without having to venture into unknown territory, like tofu haha.  Just the fact that you considered the vegetarian's food preferences will mean so much to them, and taking the little time it requires to make a slight substitution or serve sauces on the side with alternatives will really make the event more enjoyable for them as well.

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