Thursday, March 10, 2011

Vegetarianism and Buddhism

     When I first became interested in Buddhism, one of the misconceptions I held was that all Buddhists were vegetarians.  While, in hindsight, this seems unrealistic, it is a common cause of questions among new Buddhists.  I thought I'd write about it today for my Buddhism Examiner position and I included a personal note on my own experience with vegetarian diets at the end of the article.

     As always, feel free to post or email questions, here or on the articles, and I will try to respond to messages, questions, or comments in a timely manner.  Questions asked will sometimes become Examiner articles if the question is a common one often asked, or if it's an interesting one that I feel others may benefit from sharing.  (^-^)v

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New Articles on Japanese Culture, Japan, Buddhism, and Vegetarianism

Japanese Culture Examiner Articles

     These articles are, as the title would suggest, related to current events so to post a bunch of links here for news already past would seem silly.  If interested, the articles can be found here and I will post more regularly so bookmark me!

National Buddhism Examiner Articles

This one I feel like I got off track a bit.  I had it all planned out then sat down to write it and realized, it's a difficult topic to really approach in a short article!  Not my "best" but I tried to keep it coherent...

These two go together and are in response to a request I received to write about Buddhist meditation.

Vegetarian Examiner Articles
     Though my Vegetarian Examiner position is "local" to Fairfax County in Northern Virginia, some of the articles I publish are general or universal, I simply find ways to localize them "enough"...

Almost Done!

     So I managed two more A's for the first two courses I took this semester, which ended last week.  And I started my absolute last two grad school classes last Friday! They're not going to be easy, but they won't be extremely difficult either... if that makes sense.  One is basically a structured research paper which I'll research and write over the next seven weeks; the other is a course on ethical problems in forensic psychology.  Ethics seem easy, but they can get complicated.

     I seriously can't wait to graduate though - I like having more time to work and school sucks up a lot of my time right now so I work less.  BUT I do manage to get in some writing, and I'm trying to keep up with my Examiner posts each week, at last as best I can.  Some weeks, I fail miserably, but I aim for at least one post in each with a goal of two or more for each Examiner position.

   I published a few that I haven't posted here so I'll give some updates then post links.  First, I don't think I posted here yet but I now hold four Examiner positions: Fairfax County Vegetarian Examiner, National Buddhism Examiner, National Japan Headlines Examiner, and National Japanese Culture Examiner. 

   At first, it was tough just writing for the one local vegetarian position, because I'm not from this area and it seemed difficult keeping up with the 2 articles a week.  I added the National Buddhism Examiner position and my writing frequency increased but still fell off here and there.  Then I saw the two Japan-related positions and snagged them both!  Now, I seem to be doing much better at keeping up with them, and constantly improving.  Last week I was a bit sick, plus stressed with the end of the first half of the semester and start of the second half, but I'm picking back up again.

    The Buddhism Examiner articles are my most popular, by far, so I hope to bring the other three positions up to the same level of popularity.  I'm always open for ideas or suggestions, questions to answer in articles, or requests for certain topics related to the different writing positions!