Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New Articles on Japanese Culture, Japan, Buddhism, and Vegetarianism

Japanese Culture Examiner Articles

     These articles are, as the title would suggest, related to current events so to post a bunch of links here for news already past would seem silly.  If interested, the articles can be found here and I will post more regularly so bookmark me!

National Buddhism Examiner Articles

This one I feel like I got off track a bit.  I had it all planned out then sat down to write it and realized, it's a difficult topic to really approach in a short article!  Not my "best" but I tried to keep it coherent...

These two go together and are in response to a request I received to write about Buddhist meditation.

Vegetarian Examiner Articles
     Though my Vegetarian Examiner position is "local" to Fairfax County in Northern Virginia, some of the articles I publish are general or universal, I simply find ways to localize them "enough"...

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