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TurboFire - 2 Weeks in...

       I was sick for a couple months on and off, and a lot of it was just from school stress but my workouts suffered a bit. I started using TurboJam which I had only recently purchased. I figured, I had so many other Beachbody programs I should get that one too.

       TurboJam is so much fun!!!  It's fast, compared to some the other Beachbody programs, but it's easy to learn and catch on to. I started with Slim in 6 originally, and Power 90 which I consider "beginner level" (both of them). Anyone can do them and anyone can benefit from them whether you're working out now or not.

TurboJam and ChaLEAN Extreme

       TurboJam was not my first Chalene Johnson program, I had been using ChaLEAN Extreme for a couple rounds and loved my results. And TurboJam is no where near as tough as the toughest programs I've used, namely Shaun T's Insanity. But it's fun. TurboJam infomercials boast about the "hip music" and I have to say, it's probably time for an upgrade on that program because a lot of the music is about 20 years old haha, but it's still fun to listen to and the moves are energizing.  It's the type of workout where you feel refreshed and rejuvenated when finished - like you're ready to tackle anything else in your day!

      Anyway, so I used TurboJam for like 7 or 8 weeks to sort of relax between tough workouts while I decided on what to do next. My husband wanted to use P90X, which we've had for a while but haven't used completely. I've done a few of the workouts from it here and there, sort of sampling it.  We have a pull-up bar but now that we're back in apartments it's tough to mount the pull-up bar securely... let's just say it's not worth the risk of injury or damage :-)

      We invested in a pull-up bar tower, or station, whatever you want to call it; those stands in the corner of the gym with the pull-up bar on one side and arm rests for ab workouts on the other. So that's assembled and waiting for my husband to start P90X with, but I wasn't feeling it.  I love all the Beachbody Trainers and I love the results they produce and the structure of the programs, all the effort that goes into their design and the quality of the products.... but I'm a girl and Tony Horton just doesn't motivate me to "push play" every day for three months on end.  I can do it, with other motivation, but at this time I just wanted something new.  I had contemplated getting Insanity: The Asylum, but it's only a 30 day program and I felt like I wanted something completely different.

Starting TurboFire

       So I asked a friend about TurboFire.  She told me her results (12 lbs in the 12 weeks, without following the eating plan, plus major inches lost!) and she explained that it was similar to TurboJam but faster and felt more efficient, if that makes sense.  I decided to give it a try.  I only had a couple weeks left of school, exams in mid-May but they won't be a problem, and I was only a couple weeks from my 30th birthday... so I decided to splurge and give myself the TurboFire program.  A splurge it was because even with my Coach discount I spent a good $100 or so on it, but I feel "worth it" :-)

      The package arrived and I went through all the information, looked at the schedules, looked at the TurboTracker, looked at the workout titles (ex. Fire 45 Class, Fire 55 EZ Class, HIIT 15, Stretch 40...) and decided rather than think about it I was just going to jump right in.  I changed and put the first workout on the calendar in the DVD player and pushed play. 

TurboFire Workouts

       Let me just say, yes, the moves are a lot like TurboJam moves, but the speed is something from another planet!!!  If I hadn't taken the time to get comfortable with TurboJam first, TurboFire would have intimidated me to the point of contemplating sending it back.  BUT, for the record, there is a special section on each DVD menu that says "New to Class" and if you do that instead of the main workout option Chalene stops in between segments and shows you each set of moves, slowly so you can understand and catch on, then switches back to the workout for the full speed segment.
       I was sold, though, after the first workout. TurboFire was exactly what I had hoped for and exactly what I needed :-)
       I had sent for the 3-Day Trial of Jenny Craig believing that we would both (my husband and I) be trying it for a few months. During my first week of TurboFire I noticed right away that I cannot get by on 1200 calories of Jenny Craig food and keep up with my workouts.  Recovery Formula helped me get through the workouts, drinking it during the workout rather than after, but I needed to do some diet tweeking for sure.  I talked to a Jenny Craig consultant and learned that they do adjust the calories for people like us that do a lot of working out already, but the cost was just a bit too much.  We decided that we weren't both going to try it. 

TurboFire Eating Plan

      I went through the TurboFire "Fuel the Fire" nutrition plan guide and decided it was worth a shot.  Here's the thing, in the past I always TRIED the eating plans that came with the Beachbody programs but after like a week or two I'd sort of slip.  There is something different about the one with TurboFire though.  It's as if all the previous plans were steps to creating a more-efficient, easier to follow eating plan.  I loved it!  I immediately opened a menu template and created a plan for the week.  If I can do it for just one week, I can make a real judgment call on it, right?

     I created my menu, went to the store for anything I didn't have and - get this! - I can eat according to the TurboFire nutrition plan for less than $100 a week, which is like 1/3 of what Jenny Craig would have cost me and less than I had been spending already!  I stuck to the plan for the one week menu I made and felt incredible!  I had the energy I needed for my workouts, I had the balanced nutrition I desired for health and weightloss, and I didn't feel deprived at all.  Not only did I not feel deprived, I had to eat more than I usually was eating and that was an adjustment... but not a bad one :-)
    So I've made the official decision to stick out the TurboFire eating plan with the TurboFire program.  I got the Advanced workout discs as well so I am actually on a 20 week schedule instead of a 12 week (90 day) schedule with the classic program.  I am also impressed that the program includes sculpting and toning workouts in the regular and advanced workouts because I had thought it was all cardio, which was my initial reason for avoiding it in the past.  I've never been so happy to be WRONG!

     I'm on my second week of the TurboFire nutrition plan and feeling great still.  I even plan my snacks because if I don't, I won't eat them.  I balance the menu to allow me to make similar salads or vegetable dishes for dinner or meals we share that coincide with my husband's Jenny Craig plan also... I know for a lot of people, eating differently seems like too much work, but it's really more do-able than most would think.
TurboFire Results
     How are my results so far?  I'm not usually the type to look for results after only two weeks of a program, but I started to notice changes already and decided it was worth checking measurements and weight even though it's only Week 3 Day 1 of TurboFire.....
Drum roll please....

      I am down 3.4 lbs and 5 1/2 inches in 2 weeks!!! Those 5 1/2 inches include 3/4 inch from my waist, 1 inch from each thigh, and a full inch off the widest part of my hips!  I'm actually dropping BELOW the weight I've struggled to pass for the past 3 years, it's been like a nightmare-plateau and TurboFire has started pushing me through it....

Being a Beachbody Coach
     This is why I do what I do.  This is why I LOVE Beachbody, LOVE the Beachbody trainers, LOVE the company, LOVE the products (ex. Shakeology, Results & Recovery Formula), and LOVE sharing my experiences and knowledge as a Coach with others in hopes of inspiring others to make the same cahnges I have made.... to break life-long bad habits, to stop making excuses and start making changes, and to recognize that it's never too late to renew your relationship with yourself and what better way to show your body that you care than by giving your nutrition intake a make-over and giving your body a workout it can enjoy. 
     People ask me all the time how I find the energy, the time, the motivation to workout... these are people who haven't learned to love their workouts yet.  I hated working out, the very idea of going to the gym put the most obnoxious frown on my face.... but I've come to not only love my workouts, I look forward to them and I MAKE the time for them every day.  My workouts helped me beat depression and anxiety, low self-esteem, sleep problems, digestive problems, migraines, and more... and I becaem a Beachbody Coach so I can encourage, inspire, and help others make positive changes.... one small step at a time.... like I did!

Want Help With Your Weight-loss Journey?
      Now that school is ending in less than 6 days, I'm working on re-vamping my websites and becoming more active with my business as a Beachbody Coach.  Anyone who is interested in making their health and fitness more efficient - less time wasted with improved results - or making improvements to health and fitness with simple steps that get you to your goals, I encourage you to check out my website and watch for updates because I'll be adding a lot over the next couple of weeks.  I'm also looking for a few people who may be interested in working from home, increasing their own accountability in their own health and fitness journeys for maximum results, and interested in sharing their experiences with others to motivate and encourage people to make positive changes in their lives too. 


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