Monday, June 13, 2011

What Next...?

          Now that I've completed my graduate program ~ though I won't find out I actually passed my exams and graduate for a few weeks ~ I've been working on a schedule for myself.  When I have a deadline for something, I tend to work more efficiently so I thought a schedule would help since now all of my time is my OWN, with school over.
        Even though there have been changes to Examiner, I want to continue writing for them but I find that it is one of the hardest places for me to be motivated to write for when the income is relatively low.  I set up my schedule to include Examiner writing on Sunday for 90 minutes, plus an hour a day Monday through Thursday after lunch. I imagine that, if I create a list of article topics in advance, this should allow me to maintain a minimum of two articles per week per Examiner position (I have four).

       Demand Studios is my favorite place to write because it's where I make the bulk of my income (naturally my favorite haha).  I recognize, however, that I don't want to rush my articles for them, nor do I want to sacrifice Demand time to write for other less-economical sites, so I have created my schedule to write Demand articles six days per week for about four hours each day - Monday through Saturday from about 8am to noon.  After writing for Demand I break for lunch then work on Examiner articles Monday - Thursday for an hour.

       Web design is a sort of passion now, for me.  I had to learn to do it and I've grown to love it.  But it's TIME CONSUMING and once I start, I rarely get anything else done haha.  So, since I want web design to be on my schedule I've limited myself to Friday afternoons and Sunday mornings.  So Sundays I'll write Examiner articles for 60-90 minutes then do web design for a bit; Fridays I'll write for Demand till noon, have lunch, then do web design till dinner.  Works out neatly, for me.

Now for the BIG stuff....

       My Novel!  I may have mentioned here before, but now that I'm done with school (at least for now) I'm going to write a novel.  I've had ideas for a long time, and I've wanted to write a novel since I won a Young Author's Award in the 2nd Grade for my story "Sparky the Fire Dog" (stop laughing, it rocked!).
      Since I work for myself, my time is my own and I'm scheduling in a couple of hours a few days a week for my novel only :-)  I noticed something, though.  When I work (freelance writing), I do all my research and writing at my desk and my mind goes into "work mode" when I sit down.  I don't want to write my novel at my desk because I feel like my creativity is shut off and I focus too much on content, standard writing styles (for the websites I write for) and factual information - not really the best for creative fiction.

       So I've been working on a writing space ~ sort of like a fort in my living room except I'm not using sofa cushions.  I'm turning one corner of my living room into a faux cafe with a bistro table where I can write in my "cafe" instead.  It sort of changes the feel for me (and my creative mind) so.... we'll see how that works out!  I'll post pictures once I finish :-)
       I won't be posting information about the novel details, simply because I feel that would be counterproductive for myself.  I will, however, offer a select few the opportunity to read and critique it once finished - so far my baby sister and 2 or 3 friends have volunteered.  I have decided I will NOT self-publish.... I'd rather never publish than self-publish.  But I will work hard to find representation and have my novel published and hope that leads to the opportunity for more fiction writing because it is a true passion of mine.  Assuming I succeed, I'll be holding contests on my websites for signed copies and other cool prizes :-)

      My other big thing is my podcast.  Although I'm a bit off right now because my speech is affected by my braces, I'm working on a podcast which I'll design a new website for.  I'd like to make the podcast short, maybe 10-15 minutes, and eventually do a new one daily.  I'll be organizing myself during the podcast to maximize my own productivity and boost my own motivation for the day and offering tips, suggestions, and other tools to help others become more efficient as well.  I used to struggle a LOT with efficiency - so I'm eager to help others learn what I have.  I'll record my podcasts from my "cafe" as well :-)

      If the morning podcast works out I may add a shorter afternoon one every now and again, 3-5 minutes, sort of like a "second wind" podcast to push through the rest of the day.  So - watch for news on that as well!

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