Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas 2011 -- 12 Days After Jaw Surgery

Happy Christmas!
     Today marks 12 days since I had surgery. I thought I'd make a video, attempting to speak throughout the recording, to provide some information and updates. This is helpful for me as I compile information from my experience, but I'm sharing because it may be helpful for others who are also going through this or who will go through this or similar types of jaw surgery. It also helps me share the experience with my family and friends, so no one worries :-)

     I have made significant healing progress so far. I had my 1-Week Follow-Up appointment on Wednesday last week and that went exceptionally well. I had expected to have all of the elastics replaced after the doctor initially removed them (so I could clean my mouth a bit better) but then he came back and decided I only needed two elastics for now. That made things a bit easier but also a bit trickier.... now I can talk more but it also wears me out like crazy!  I talked to my Mom on the phone twice, I think, and both times it was a short conversation (compared to our usual conversations) but I was just exhausted from talking like this that I have to end the phone calls within a short while. 
    Oh! I made this video (below) in the car after that follow-up appointment:

     Anyway, I won't be biting into turkey or anything this Christmas, but I am quite pleased with the variety in my liquid diet so far. Not just variety, though.... nutrition has been my top focus. Sufficient healthy calories, protein and fiber plus supplements to assist in my body's recovery such as nerve repair and to protect my muscles from significant loss... I am tempted to try blending a cookie and milk though ;-)

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