Monday, December 19, 2011

Talking & Eating After My Jaw Surgery

    I've had some people ask me how I am doing with speaking after surgery. Honestly, not so great. Well, I'm communicating effectively, but not necessarily speaking, per se. I made a video to demonstrate!

 (If the video doesn't show up, you can see it here)


  1. Just came across your site! It's fun to come across someone who is in the same boat as I. My upper and lower jaw surgery was on December 16th, so exactly one week from today. It's been an interesting last week and I know I've got a long road ahead of me. Just can't wait for the swelling to go away, but I know that too takes time.

    Good luck with your recovery!


  2. Oh, mine was the 13th. I'm on Day 12 now. When I went for my 1-week follow-up they were kind of surprised because most of my swelling had gone and I felt great. One doctor asked if I was there for my week 3 or week 4 follow-up and showed surprise when I said week one :-)

    For me, my recovery so far has been almost NOTHING of what I expected! I started worrying that maybe I'd done something wrong haha
    I am starting to feel a little achy the past couple of days but it's tolerable.

    I hope you're doing well with your recovery so far and enjoying your holidays as best you can! Thank you, for commenting and sharing a bit, it's helpful -- I wish you luck with your recovery too :-)



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