Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day 37 Post-Jaw Surgery ~ Updates, Etc.

     I saw my surgeon yesterday (18 January) for my week #5 follow-up. It was funny because when I went in, one of the residents and then my surgeon both approached me saying something about being excited to get my bite splint taken out. I corrected them, both, explaining this was only week 5, I had one week left haha... Don't get me wrong, I'd prefer not to wear it, but I already made arrangements to see the orthodontist next week right after the appointment with my surgeon to remove the bite splint so.... this week just wouldn't work.

     We joked about my super-human healing abilities... I went to mention how the feeling in my face was back and before I finished he said, "That will take several months..." I said, "No, it's back like 100% except for the middle of my chin." (I talk about that in the video a bit...)

     Anyway, I am always super motivated when I leave my appointments with my surgeon. I don't know if his enthusiasm is contagious or if I just feel great because they tell me how great I'm doing (haha probably a little of both) but I made some calls after lunch ~ YES, even with the bite splint, because surgery can't keep me down! ~ and I secured the domain for my new recovery website. The site will be at

     I tried to use just Recovery Playbook, but in test searches I kept getting computer software so I added "Jaw" to clarify it. Unlike this site, that one will not be a blog. Instead, it's a resource or tool with everything I have learned, researched, asked, and experienced as well as a focus on practical application and adapting my methods for faster, more efficient, EASY recovery to suit different situations. 

     As I mention in the video above, I almost feel "cheated" like I've done something wrong to have such an easy recovery.... I wouldn't want things to be difficult, but because I have yet to come across someone who healed as quickly or had an easy recovery like mine, I feel like I'm the odd man out, or something. I'm not convinced anyone needs to suffer during their recovery, whether for jaw surgery or anything. So, hopefully, my resources can provide others the information, tools and guidance they need to make their experiences easier, at least.

A Few Pictures of Some of My Meals

**Recipes will be up on the new website, and all recipes and photos may be shared IF the sharing includes proper citation AND links back to my original content.
For print-sharing, contact me for written permission to avoid copyright infringement trouble...

After the elastics were reduced to only two, and I was able to open my mouth safely and comfortably, I began incorporating disposable cake decorator bags so I could consume slightly thicker foods than the syringes could handle. It also allowed me to layer foods (as you see in many of the pictures) to get a varying taste in every mouthful instead of just taste after taste of the same flavor...

I still use syringes, especially with coffee and other things that will stain my teeth. I can't brush them completely until the bite splint comes out so I'm doing what I can to prevent too much trouble...

Atom LOVES to share with me :-)

 The Bite Splint

    This is extremely difficult to photograph alone... but, I tried to show how it covers the bottom of my upper teeth and extends behind the teeth, covering part of the roof of my mouth (palate). When the bite splint is removed next week, I'll snap a few pictures of it for reference images to add to my new site.

Using a compact mirror to sort of give an idea of how it fits...
The splint is not level with the upper teeth, but it does completely conceal them in the back and extend just under the teeth, like a "lip-edge" on certain tables or trays. 
It is closer to the roof of the mouth and has a smooth curve to it so there is room for almost-proper tongue positioning and rest and the teeth do come together with grooves for the bottom teeth to fit "into" the bite splint as the teeth close. 

The bite splint has little metal loops that hook over the brackets plus traditional orthodontics-type wires that are interwoven and twisted tight to secure the bite splint in place. 
The wires suck... no two-ways about that haha
They're sharp, and they collect wax and food. I cover them with wax when they start to irritate me, and if they move around to the point where the cut/twisted ends are stabbing me, I try to bend them toward my teeth, if possible, or just cover them with wax.

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