Friday, February 3, 2012

Jaw Surgery Updates - 7+ Weeks

     I haven't updated this in a little while.  I'm actually not going to keep the Jaw Surgery posts on my blog, but I don't want to take them down until I finish designing the new website.

     I saw my regular doctor and she ran bloodwork, just as part of my typical exam, and it showed I'm a little anemic so, with my 20/20 hindsight, a lot of things that I've been feeling the last 2-3 weeks now make sense.  The funny thing is, I actually have 20/15 vision so if my hindsight is 20/20, it's not quite as good as my regular sight... go figure!

    So I'm taking iron supplements for a few weeks and after 4 days I've started feeling a little better.  Not great yet, but better...
Anemia After Jaw Surgery...

     Between trying to work, which was difficult with the mental confusion and concentration problems (from the anemia) and working on the new website, I've just had very little time to do much else.  It was real frustrating because I just did not think "anemia" and I was getting really upset with myself for having so much trouble focusing.  I have to go back now and redo a lot of the design because I created it weird and then look through the content I was typing up for the site to make sure it's not total nonsense from my anemic-mental fog haha.... it sucks, but whatever... 
     I have been talking to some people who are going in for surgery though, so even though the site's not finished yet, I'm providing the information I can and recipes, etc. so at least that's something. It makes me feel good to be able to help.  Seriously - I put hundreds (if not thousands) of hours into research and preparation for my own surgery... if that was just for me, I'd feel like it was "wasted time."  

    Someone asked me if I had anyone try to discourage me from getting jaw surgery. She used the example, "people saying you're pretty now, you don't need surgery" and no, no one did that. But I didn't give anyone the opportunity to say anything either haha.... I'll talk more about that later, probably a LOT more about it, but I recorded this today trying to talk about my experience and how the surgery is soooo worth it. When your problem is a functional one, there's no reason to shy away from surgery like this if it's available for you.... it's life-changing, to say the least!
Jaw Surgery IS Worth It!


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