Friday, March 9, 2012

Because I am sooo mature...

     I wanted to make sure my doctor didn't forget about me so I called him this morning to leave him a message.  That's how the military system works - you leave the message, they send it to either your doctor/provider or to the clinic's nurse who then forwards it to your doctor if it's not something she can do for them.  Like, if I called for a refill on a medicine then the nurse could handle that but if I'm asking specific questions then she usually forwards it to the provider.

     When I was there on Wednesday about the anemia, I had said to my doctor that if he didn't help me get better, and I got worse (because I feel like CRAP!) then my husband might have to literally DRAG me into the clinic and I'll be going, "Help me, Dr. Churchman.... you're my only hope...."  And I joked, "Years ago you served my father in the Clone Wars..."  It might not be my "most desperate hour" but I certainly feel in need of help....

    I was happy, though, when he laughed and understood the references saying he loves those movies.  So do I :-)  For years they were my favorite!  Now, granted, my doctor is much younger than I am haha, but it was nice to feel like we had something in common so we can build rapport even if he is leaving soon and I'll end up with a new PCM (primary care manager).

Getting blood drawn on Wednesday for a ton of vitamin and other tests to make sure my anemia is just from iron-deficiency... I really REALLY appreciate the time my doctor took to listen to me and to put in for all the tests even if he (and the staff doctors) are certain it's just iron-deficiency anemia after my surgery.  

   So... he was supposed to call me in a day or two to go over my lab work and let me know that I just have to tough this out (probably haha).  And I, knowing how overworked and forgetful residents can be, decided to call him this morning and leave him a message as a reminder.

    I practiced ALL MORNING so I'd be able to say it without laughing!

    Then I recorded myself leaving the message with the message-taking people haha

    I had to edit the video to cut out personal information, but I asked to leave a message for Dr. Churchman to call me back about the results of my lab work from Wednesday and, if there was any serum left could he run a... wait for iiiiitttt.... "midichlorian count" YES!!! -- then I spelled out "midichlorian" so the message would be right.

    I was laughing afterward, wondering how long it would take him to realize what I was asking or if he'd get it right away.... I had this mental image of my poor doctor going to ask one of the staff doctors how they code for a midichlorian count and then realizing last minute, as he said it aloud, what I had done, shake his head and tell them never mind haha!

    Now... I didn't do this as a "prank" so I don't want to give the wrong impression.  But it's still funny so I hope he gets the message and finds it funny too.  It's one of those things where, the doctors get kind of stressed out so when I feel like doing something nice (or funny) will help reduce a little of that stress when working with me, I try to take the time for that little bit of extra effort.

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