Thursday, June 28, 2012

Buying Nail Stuff Off eBay and Foot Spa Shopping

     I mentioned the other day how I purchased nail supplies from sellers on eBay to begin doing my own nails again. If you missed that, just scroll to the bottom and click on "older" posts - I think it's probably best that I don't repeat myself in this blog post. My writing gets long enough as is!

    Anyway, I'm still waiting for a lot of the supplies I ordered so I'm not doing my nails yet. But I received another package today. The mailman brought it to the door because I had to sign for it. This one came from a seller on eBay with a store "buyhair4u" ~ not really sure what that's about but they sell nail art products so that's what I bought.

This is the seller I purchased these nail art decals from.
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND buying from them if you are looking for this type of nail art.
The prices were really cheap and the shipping was free, and the nail art arrived in about a week from Korea to the US.
I left the seller great feedback too! <--This link goes to their eBay page

     I had ordered three packages of these little nail decals in three different styles. I placed my order for all three on June 19th, and they were shipped via Korea Post as Registered Air Mail on June 20th. The package arrived today, June 28th, so about a week if you count the weekend.

   Inside the package was a small clear plastic bag, with the end folded over and sealed using a self-stick glue that was attached to the bag. It's similar to a lot of packaging for flat things, like greeting cards and stickers. Anyway, it would have essentially protected the sticker-style decals from most moisture which was very thoughtful. On top of that, I didn't receive 3 sets of nail decals - I received SEVEN sets of nail decals!

The top three on the right-side of the picture are the three I ordered.
The other 4 were bonuses!

    All sets are equal quality, which is very good quality in my opinion. The outside of the clear plastic baggy had writing that said "3 extra free gift" but it was actually 4 extra that they gave me. I was very happy with this purchase!

    In the meantime... I had the remainder of my En Vogue UV Gel nails fall off, which I knew was only a matter of time. I liked the salon that did them, but I'm just not feeling like the product was as good a match for ME, personally, as they led me to believe. That doesn't mean the UV Gel I purchased off eBay is any better, it's probably not. I will likely purchase ibd gel in clear, pink, and white builder gels or as a kit because I find that the salons that used ibd were the ones that did my nails the best. By "best" I mean the nails didn't lift easily, never broke, and I very rarely had to have a nail replaced. But for now, I'll try out the Sina brand UV Gels I purchased and give them a try.

   Honestly, I would love it if there was a more natural UV Gel product that produced at least comparable results to the mainstream ones! (I just took a break from writing this to Google "organic UV Gel nails" and actually found at least three product lines that claim to be "organic" but I sent questions to the different companies to see if that "organic" is qualified by FDA "organic" standards in the US or if it's just a selling point AND if the products are actually organic, I asked some nail salon owners what their opinion of the products are since they advertise that they use them. We'll see what they say....)

**The links below are affiliate links so I believe I get some sort of miniscule credit or commission if you use those links to purchase the products shown. Not a big deal, either way, I just thought I'd mention it as a "disclaimer" since the majority or links I use are not affiliate links.**

    Since my nails were filed a bit too much last time at the high-price salon I went to... I went twice, giving them the benefit of the doubt when the initial set of UV Gel nails began lifting within a week and 5 had broken off completely when I went in for my first nail fill-in at about 15 days... now that they're off my nails and I have to wait for the rest of my nail products to arrive, I applied Barielle Nail Rebuilding Protein and Barielle Growth Activator to my natural nails to see if that helps. I used both Barielle products during the 6 weeks of my initial recovery from Jaw Surgery and I found my nails were stronger and healthier looking so I figured I'd give it a shot again.


   On a separate note, I am in the market for a foot spa to do my own pedicures and probably pedicures for my husband as well. I don't often get pedicures in salons because I don't want them to "shave" calluses off my feet... ugh, gross! It's also not the best for your feet and it results in calluses growing back firmer and more determined to stay in place. I prefer to use more natural products and soften the skin around the heel and ball of the foot with a pumice stone and other products. I can't decide on a foot spa though!

    I did some Googling, naturally, and I found a lot of negative reviews for the Homedics Foot Spa, which I think there are two styles. It seems, however, that the complaints are that the "water jets" aren't really jets and that the "heat maintenance" doesn't warm the water it simply slows the rate at which the water gets cold. There were some complaints on Amazon that said it didn't promote leg circulation when the consumer had purchased it for a handicapped child and hoped it would help.

This is the one I'm thinking of trying....

    I think they had unrealistic expectations. It's not a full-sized salon-ready spa pedicure chair with built-in massage that you set up and connect to a water supply and drain. It's a portable foot bath with some buttons on it.

    The Footsie foot bath with disposable inserts looked to have good reviews. Apparently it heats the water and maintains temperature, has a wire insert for easily lifting out the water-filled disposable tub and the disposable tubs are available in a set of 100 for about $100. That, to me, is reasonable but probably more than I'm looking to spend. Especially considering the foot spa itself is about $100 or a little more.

The Footsie Foot Bath and Inserts
If I find I'm giving myself pedicures (and/or my husband) frequently, I might invest in one like this...

    Brookstone makes one that had reviews all over the place - good ones, bad ones, disappointed ones, extremely pleased ones.... It's also over $100 though so without knowing someone that owns one, I don't think I'll spend that much.

    The Homedics foot spas are available for less than $50, I believe. I think Bed Bath & Beyond even sells at least one of them, and the company is releasing a new one this year - if it's not out already. I will probably try one of the Homedics Foot Spas since the price is easier to handle. My hair stylist said her sister, a nail tech, bought one from BB&B to use at home with their elderly parents and that her sister loves it. I think, even if it only slows the heat dissipation and doesn't warm the water, I'm really only looking for something to soak my feet in before trimming and filing toe nails, scrubbing off dead skin, then drying and applying polish if I want, or nail art, and lotion. I think that type of foot spa will do.


BUT I'm open to suggestions or recommendations!

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