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21-Day Ultimate Reset Detox: Week 1 Review

     Today is actually Day 10 of my Ultimate Reset but I'm busy so it took me a few days to do the Week 1 Recap. The Beachbody Ultimate Reset is a Detox Cleanse program like no other on the market! For 21 days you go through three phases: Week 1 - in which you transition to a vegetarian diet, slowly weaning out animal protein and beginning to prepare for week 2; Week 2 - in which you take a daily detox supplement to release toxins from your body which consuming a mostly-vegan diet; and Week 3 - in which you replenish the good bacteria in your digestive tract with a special Revitalize supplement.

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    During the 21 days you have pre-planned menus for every single meal, options for snacks, options for men to add "this" or "that" if needed, and the ability to adjust the menu to your tastes, which you'll see in my pictures and notes. There is a complete online Ultimate Reset portal which gives you the menu, recipes, videos for all the recipes, tips, video diary entries from the Ultimate Reset test groups to give an idea of what others were going through at this stage through their Resets, and access to the Support Groups for each phase as well. There are shopping lists and ingredient lists all done for you, which is nice.... unfortunately for me, even as a Coach I didn't have all the information and it took me until Day 2 to find the site so I had done my shopping lists by hand - the long way. But it all worked out in the end :-)

     My husband and I are doing the Reset together, which is essential I think. If we had to shop for two completely different menus, the one on the Reset would likely fail. I certainly wouldn't do the Reset and still cook a separate meal for my husband so he would be stuck eating what I'm eating anyway or have to fend for himself for 3 weeks, which would cause conflict, frustration, and unneeded stress on both of us. If the reverse were true, and he wanted to do the Reset while I wasn't, the struggle would still occur because there's very little chance of him reading through everything with attention to detail and taking the time to prepare food properly so he would look to me for help preparing his menu - in which case I would likely help him and then suffer with some quick-fix meal, essentially cheating myself. So definitely, if you want to do the Ultimate Reset and you're married or living with a partner, you really should discuss it and decide a time to do the Reset together.

Ultimate Reset - Week 1

     Day 1 was not too bad. Eggs and toast were for breakfast and that's common in our house. I was concerned about the Optimize supplement which is taken 3 times a day in the form of 2 capsules. I typically have a problem with anything in capsule form, once the capsule opens in my stomach I end up throwing it up (so gross!). When I took the Optimize on Day 1, I half-expected this but it's very gentle and gave me no trouble at all.

     Lunch was just a salad but it was big and full of stuff. The dressing recipe was very good and likely will become one of my go-to recipes actually. I normally eat more for lunch, not necessarily in quantity but I'm more accustomed to a carb-heavy lunch and light dinner so this salad would be something I'd normally prefer for dinner. After lunch, about 2 hours later, you take Alkalinize which is a supplement in powder form that you mix with water and it's designed to restore the pH balance in your body. I saw the dark green color and thought it would be like aojiru (青汁), but it was not. It's salty and really kind of yucky that first time you take it.

     Dinner was meant to be salmon but my husband won't eat fish so I swapped salmon for chicken and cooked the chicken for Day 2 lunch at the same time. Meat is served only on the first two days, and eggs are served on day 1 and day 3 or4, I believe. After that, there is not more animal protein. There is dairy during the first week, however, and honey throughout (in the dressing recipes) but no dairy in weeks 2 or 3.

How about some pictures?

Preparing for the Beachbody Ultimate Reset

     I didn't actually find the portal website for people to use while doing the Reset until Day 2 so I did all the prep work the hard way - by hand! I organized our menu and shopping lists and my husband helped me tackle the grocery shopping. All in all, it came to about what we normally spend on food regardless so it wasn't something that was ridiculously expensive.

For beets I opted for these, which are sold at Whole Foods Market. Already peeled and cooked.

No smoky tempeh strips so I got regular tempeh for the Baked Tempeh recipes.

I normally use Debbie Meyer's Green Bags but I couldn't find any so I grabbed these. They worked just as good, but they're pink.

These were the only spices I had to buy because I typically keep a full cupboard.

I washed all my fruits with a natural fruit cleaner, dried them, and placed them in produce bags lined with a dry paper towel. Then I top with another dry paper towel to absorb moisture, which I replace every other day.

My stocked fridge.

More pictures of my Week 1 & 2 foods, I do shopping 2 weeks at a time.

Short-Grain Brown Rice, Millet, Slivered Almonds, Quinoa

The Ultimate Reset books and DVDs plus pics of my supplies


I decided to buy lettuce in these containers and I'm glad I did! The lettuce lasted almost 10 days without becoming a mushy mess, and I only NOW needed to buy more (Day 10).

Bragg's Liquid Aminos

I use a mandolin slices for carrots, it saves like 20 minutes in food prep time.
I don't like cilantro so I know I won't use it often but I rarely have it on hand so I bought this organic cilantro in a tube. That way I can use it without getting it on my hands and having to smell it haha

I needed only a little ground flaxseed but this was the only size bag they had at Whole Foods. It was $9, so I told the guy I didn't want it. He gave it to me "to try" for FREE since I already had a cart full of groceries he wanted me to leave happy.

The BEST ADVICE for the Ultimate Reset I can give?
Do you dishes as you use them, rinsing them off and placing in the dishwasher. Run the dishwasher as soon as it's full OR as soon as dinner is done. When it's dry, put them away that night so you wake up to an empty sink and an empty dishwasher. 
Wipe the counters and stove down the night before as well, and set out what you need for breakfast (and lunch if you prep in the morning). That way, even if half asleep you can get it done quickly.

The program requires a lot more cooking than most people are used to. This isn't really a problem for me since I cook all the time, every day, but it can be time consuming if you're not used to cooking and if you're not quick with glancing at a recipe and following instructions at natural speed.
Give yourself TIME so you're not stressing out about it :-)

Beachbody Ultimate Reset Week 1 Food, Recipes, Menu

Breakfast for Day 1

Lunch for Day 1

Preparing dinner for Day 1, and Lunch for Day 2 (below)

Adjusted Dinner for Day 1, Chicken instead of Salmon

Pictures from the morning of Day 1 while I prepared my husband's lunch to go with him to work and prepared our breakfast.

This bracelet comes in every Ultimate Reset kit and is worn as a reminder of your commitment to the program. The bracelet touches things when you reach with that hand so it's also a constant reminder when you reach for food, water, etc.

These pictures are from preparations on Day 2,
Preparing the Greek Chicken Salad.

I had made the chicken the night before, while cooking dinner, and cut it up so I didn't have to the next morning. I also toasted pine nuts the night before.

My husband's lunch. I separate the tomatoes so they don't wilt the lettuce or cause the other vegetables to start to go bad, and I separate the pine nuts so he can toss them on top when ready to eat. He doesn't like salad dressing so I included a cup with seasoning which he sprinkles on his salad when ready to eat and then spritzes lightly with olive oil.

The chicken is separate too so he can reheat if he wants.

I stored the left over romaine lettuce in a bowl lined with a paper towel to absorb water left on the lettuce, then covered with plastic and put in the fridge. This keeps the cut lettuce crispy longer.

Day 2 Breakfast

Day 2 Lunch

Day 2 Dinner Prep

I learned on Day 2 that (1) I don't like Kale and (2) I don't like corn tortillas

Day 3 Breakfast - This is the last time we have eggs on the 21-Day Ultimate Reset Detox Program

Day 3 Lunch

Day 3 Dinner - I adjusted here because my husband won't eat Nori.
I cooked Baked Tempeh instead, served the rice tossed with the roll recipe veggies and Liquid Aminos, added a few more veggies to the Miso Soup, and added a salad.

The leftovers tie into lunch for Day 4

Day 4 Breakfast for ME

Day 4 Breakfast for my husband - he doesn't normally eat Greek yogurt so I sweetened his with Stevia and topped with a dusting of raw cocoa powder. He also doesn't eat a large variety of fruit, thus the difference in our selection. Guys get 2 slices of toast on Day 5, women only get 1.

Lunch with Atom...

Dinner Day 4

Day 5 Breakfast Prep - Don't feel like chopping nuts? Put them in a bag and smash a few times with something solid haha

Breakfast Day 5

Lunch Day 5 - My husband won't eat hummus so instead of hummus I simply cooked Chickpeas with hummus ingredients and served whole, not pureed. He loved it!

Cooking chickpeas - I cooked them in their can liquid first then drained and cooked with lemon, garlic powder, parsley, a tiny drop of sesame oil instead of tahini, and a little Bragg's Liquid Aminos.
You want them soft but not mushy.

Dinner Day 5

Breakfast Day 6!
The program suggests starting on a Wednesday but I prefer to have the weeks line up with the days so we started on a Monday. I discovered that tempeh doesn't agree with me, which was half-expected since I'm sensitive to soy, so we had oatmeal and fruit instead for breakfast, choosing from one of the other Week 1 breakfasts on our menu.

Lunch was a salad and quinoa salad like Day 5 so I didn't post it.

Dinner Day 6
Toasted Millet, Roasted Root Vegetables, and I added a salad

I used these cooked beets because they come from Whole Foods Market and saved me a ton of time and hassle. They're great! I was pleased that my husband ate them too without complaint.

Breakfast Day 7

Lunch... with Atom.... Day 7

Some of it was too big for me haha

Dinner Day 7 - and on to the Detox we go!

Beachbody Ultimate Reset Detox Week 1 Review

Drink lots of water on the Reset!

Alkalinize - taken every day for 21 Days, roughly at the same time each day.

Oxygenize & Mineralize - Taken 3 times a day for 21 Days

  • MINERALIZE & OXYGENIZE: I have not had any trouble with these. Some people get a headache when they take the Oxygenize but it goes away shortly.
  • ALKALINIZE: It's very salty to me. To make it easier to take I mix with a little stevia and only use 2-3 oz. cold water. I have a fresh glass of water ready and as soon as I gulp down the Alkalinize I follow it with at least 8-10 oz. fresh water.
  • DISTILLED WATER: I'm hypersensitive to taste so I can't stand the plastic taste in distilled water from the way it's bottled. I just continued using my filtered water which is filtered using a high-quality multi-step process.
  • OPTIMIZE: I was concerned that the Optimize capsules would upset my stomach because I tend to spit up capsules of any kind shortly after they open in my stomach. I have not had any issues at all with these so that's great!
  • HUNGER? The first couple of days I had some hunger during the mid-morning and in the afternoon. I toughed out the morning and used one of the approved snacks in the guidebook in the afternoon. By Day 5 I didn't need the snack.
  • HEADACHES? I was using a lot of caffeine products prior to the Reset and I didn't wean off them before starting I just stopped. I didn't have any bad headaches until about Day 4 and Day 5, but it was short-lived. I did have a lot of concentration issues, fuzzy/foggy brain, tired, sleepy during work, and some minor body aches but by Day 6 I felt great. Some of the discomfort was from eating the Tempeh which, as a soy product, doesn't agree with me. I simply cut out Tempeh and other soy from the menu, swapping for other recipes during that week.
  • ENERGY LEVELS: The first 4-5 days were a struggle. I would feel like it was unreasonably difficult to keep my eyes open during work, I was just exhausted, my brain felt foggy, I had trouble concentrating, and I felt a little emotional. But.... on Day 6, it was like something clicked. I started feeling good. Every day after I felt a little bit better and better. Before the Reset I would sometimes get shaky if I went too long without eating, which I assume is fasting hypoglycemia but I've never officially had that checked. I have not had any shaky hands or related symptoms since starting the Reset so I imagine this is doing wonders for my blood glucose stability.
  • MOOD: As mentioned above, I felt somewhat emotional on the first 4 or 5 days but it wasn't terrible. I have felt better and better every day since Day 6!
  • WEIGHTLOSS? Although weightloss is NOT a goal of the Ultimate Reset, it is an aspect for many. I lost 5.6 lbs. in Week 1 and my husband lost 6 lbs. I also lost 7" which was nice :-)
  • BLOATING, GAS, DISCOMFORT, STOMACH UPSET, CONSTIPATION? I will just lump these all together. Naturally, when you switch diets, there is some stomach discomfort which is most often gas and bloating. This is especially true for switching to a vegetarian diet because of the increase in foods like legumes, leafy green vegetables, etc. You can reduce the discomfort by taking Beano with each meal or the meals you know will cause the gas and bloating. Your body will adjust over time, but likely not in the 21 days. I have not had any constipation or stomach upset as far as nausea goes. I did have a little heartburn on Day 3 and Day 4 which I treated with alkaseltzer. After eating the tempeh I had some back stomach cramping, especially along my right side and back, and bloating (from digesting or gas) which is not the same as menstrual bloating (water weight). I hoped this wouldn't happen but I'm sensitive to soy so it did. By Day 6 I was feeling fine and hasn't happened since. Also, I am not "stuck in the bathroom" all day like you are on some cleanse programs. The Ultimate Reset is designed to be VERY GENTLE so the first week is preparation for the cleanse in week 2, which is also very gentle and you will definitely NOT be in the bathroom all day or uncomfortable like with a medical cleanse. 

     The Beachbody Ultimate Reset is expensive, but the price is small considering the quality of the program you get and the incredible support and guidance provided. Team Beachbody Members save 10% on their Ultimate Reset kit and Coaches save 25% - THIS is why I became a Coach!! Sure, I get commissions for sales, but the amount of money I save on my own purchases makes it worth it. 

    If you would like to know more about the Ultimate Reset or becoming a FREE MEMBER, CLUB MEMBER, or COACH with me, feel free to contact me through my Coach Page or Sasha's REAL Fitness REAL Results

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