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21-Day Ultimate Reset Detox: Week 3 Review

     So we finished our Reset on Sunday, July 23. It took all week to post this because I'm busy and when I go to write something it ends up taking forever haha

Beachbody Ultimate Reset Results
     Our results were great, I think! Nick stayed around the 10-lbs. mark for weightloss and so did I. I didn't get Nick's "before" measurements but for me, I lost about 11 or 12" overall, including almost 3" off my waist. It's important, however, to note that the weight lost from doing a detox like the Ultimate Reset is weight from water and waste. Ultimately, you're flushing your system out by consuming more water and the supplements, especially in week 2, cleanse your system and encourage your body to release toxins and waste so you're literally RESETTING your body. That doesn't mean the weight comes right back when the Reset is over. What it means is - this isn't fat loss, and it's not muscle loss either. If you continue drinking sufficient water, but not too much (I'll explain about that in a minute), then your body won't want to store excess water "just in case" so you won't gain back the water weight. If you continue eating clean and healthy, you won't have any waste lodged in your system either, so essentially the weightloss could be permanent and MANY of my fellow Resetters and Coaches have the weight stay off even 2+ months later.

    So what was week 3 like.... for starters, I have to say that of the three weeks in the Beachbody Ultimate Reset program, week 3 was the worst for me. As I mentioned in my previous post, Jake (my Beagle) is injured and can't walk up and down the stairs. He also shouldn't walk for more than 10 minutes outside and he has to stay off his leg as much as possible. Nick and I have to carry him up and down the stairs, plus help him a lot more than we're accustomed to, and Jake is taking medicine daily to help his recovery from a partial ACL tear.

Week 3 Ultimate Reset - My WORST Week!
    In the first week of the Reset, we start to weed out animal protein, including dairy, fish and chicken. In week 2 there is no animal protein and we take a detox supplement three times a day to help cleanse our bodies. In week 3, the protein intake is cut back, as are grains, and we're left with an almost completely fruit and vegetable diet for 7 days. The idea behind this is:
  1. You have worked to clean your body inside and out, so you're able to survive on less protein and calories because you are able to absorb MORE of the nutrients from foods than you have been.
  2. You need your body to stay in "detox" mode so you adjust to a cleansing diet of fruits and vegetables for the week before completing the program.
     Makes sense, and normally I would have no issue with it. BUT because I've had to carry Jake so much, and he's a 45-pound Beagle, I couldn't feel "right" on such low calories and protein. On top of that, every meal except for week 3 day 1 Dinner, needed to be replaced or adjusted because we either couldn't eat it or didn't like it. This is why I have to say that week 3 was my worst week because not only did I have to change the menu every day but I also ate the men's portions for the program AND added additional protein when I technically wasn't supposed to (for optimal results).

    At the same time, I was eating CLEAN which essentially means the portion sizes are inconsequential and I didn't go overboard with the protein and grains, I ate just enough to feel "right" with the extra work I was doing carrying Jake around. I honestly do not feel my results could have been better, and I'm pleased with the 10 lbs and 11+ inches :-)

Heartburn, Acid-Reflux, GERD and the Ultimate Reset
     Throughout week 1 and 2 I was fine with my stomach except briefly I had some heartburn and took alkaseltzer but it was actually a reaction to the soy in the Tempeh. Prior to the Reset, I had taken 14+ weeks to wean OFF Nexium after treating an infection from H.Pylori which ultimately was causing my symptoms for over 6 years.
     In week 3, however, I had to take alkaseltzer 4 times! I couldn't figure out what was going on because I had been fine and then it was killing me. On Day 5 of week 3 I realized what was going on. The Revitalize supplements with probiotics and prebiotics designed to replenish the good healthy bacteria in your digestive tract was causing the heartburn symptoms. I did not take the Revitalize for the last 2 days of week 3 and I had zero trouble with heartburn.... I feel confident that was the culprit.

    I recommend taking the Revitalize for as long as you can tolerate it, though, because you NEED to replenish that healthy bacteria or you could cause other problems and even get an infection or worse without that little army of healthy bacteria working for you. I lasted 5 days but if I had realized it was the Revitalize causing it I probably would have reduced the dosage or spread it out to only one pill at a time but more times each day. I'll do that next time I do the Reset.

Weightloss on the Ultimate Reset
     I'd like to make a note about the weight lost on this Reset program. Some people do not lose any weight, and this is okay. Some people lose a TON of weight - if you watch the videos and commercials you'll see some people comment about losing 20 lbs or more! The less weight you lose on the Ultimate Reset, the better - here's why: Less weight lost MEANS you were eating well and "regular" before the Reset; More weight lost means you were eating like crap and probably constipated or having some sort of "irregularity" with regard to your daily bathroom trips/habits. So in essence, if you don't lose much, then what you were doing pre-Reset was GREAT!

Week 3 - Ultimate Reset Shopping
I noticed a lot of people prepared their salads in advance. If you're going to chop vegetables in advance, I highly recommend storing them in individual bowls, and use ceramic or glass - not plastic or rubbermaid - because the ceramic or glass bowls will not distort the flavor of the food. IF you prepare your salads in advance, tossing them together, do NOT add tomatoes or anything acidic until right before you're ready to eat the salad. The acid will cause the other vegetables to go bad faster and make the lettuce turn to mush...

I mentioned this before but for reinforcement - if the produce is too big to close the bags, use 2!

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Week 3 Ultimate Reset Recipes
In Week 3, the RESTORE Phase, we are no longer using the DETOX supplement. Instead, we continue taking the Optimize capsules 3x Daily, and the Mineralize and Oxygenize 3 or more times a day, and Alkalinize 1x day. 
We also start taking Revitalize which is a supplement that replenishes the GOOD bacteria that was flushed out of your body with the bad bacteria during your RELEASE Phase (week 2).
This is essential!
The Detox Supplement can't discriminate between good and bad bacteria so it flushes it all.

Breakfast Week 3 Day 1 (Day 15)
Week 3 is ONLY fruit for Breakfast.
For those that use Shakeology, Shakeology is allowed for Breakfast in WEEK ONE (using a full serving) or WEEK TWO (using a half-serving) but NOT IN WEEK THREE.

Lunch Day 15 - Instead of Miso Soup we had my Vegetable Soup.
I mentioned before that I started having trouble with the Miso as well, and I had difficulty with many soy foods like Tempeh. Rather than suffer, I just altered the recipe to work for me.
The soup was served with a Microgreen Salad instead of the Asian Cabbage Salad - mostly because I didn't feel like spending money on ingredients for the Asian Cabbage Salad when I wasn't going to use them all.

Dinner Day 15 - The guidebook says "baked sweet potato, garlic veggies, and 1 serving Quinoa (optional). I used Japanese Sweet Potato (white with red skin, aka Korean Yam) and Okinawan Sweet Potato (purple with white skin). 
***I cut them up and roasted instead of baking the potatoes whole. This saved on cooking time which made my kitchen a little less hot and it made for a prettier plating.

Breakfast Day 16 - Fruit

Lunch Day 16 - Microgreen Salad
I began replacing the Ultimate Reset dressing recipes with Bolthouse Farms Vinaigrettes. The ingredients are within the BUR guidelines, as far as I'm concerned, and I find the lower oil content and variety much more tolerable. If you use these, avoid the creamy yogurt-based dressings until post-Reset ;-)

Pictures from one of our walks. I can only walk him for a max of about 10 minutes. He doesn't put his leg down much, instead he hops and hops and hops....

Dinner Day 16 - Instead of Curry Cauliflower and Lemon Pepper Kale,
We had a half-serving each Black Beans and Rice and Quinoa Pilaf, but I was out of lentils so I left them out of the Pilaf recipe. This was fine also, I added extra vegetables to it and it was lower protein to coincide with the requirements for week 3.

Breakfast Day 17 - Fruit!
I was afraid all my pictures of fruit would get boring so on some I added a little something extra for decoration haha

Jake during one of our short walks.
We ended up on a sidewalk that didn't have a wheelchair ramp. He couldn't get down on his own so he just stopped and sat.

It's like "What do you want me to do? You know I can't step down..."
He's so frustrated and blah....
But he needs to keep things easy for 2 months while his Beagle ACL heals...

Lunch Day 17 - Leftover Quinoa Pilaf (without lentils) and Microgreen Salad
The book said Moroccan Carrot Salad and 3 cups of salad greens.... 
We stuck with the Microgreen Salad instead.

Dinner Day 17 - The book said Roasted Delicata Squash, Green Beans w/ Lemon, and 1 serving Toasted Millet (optional)
Instead we had leftover sweet potatoes, garlic veggies again, and short-grain brown rice because I like that better than millet.

Breakfast Day 18 - Fruit!

Nick needed a little something extra so I whipped up a young coconut shake with raw cacao powder, a little stevia, and half an under-ripe banana with some ice.

Lunch Day 18 - Microgreen Salad and leftover Black Beans with Rice and leftover Garlic Veggies
The guidebook had a Spinach salad tossed with avocado but we don't eat that.

The young coconuts were only $1.49 each at Super H Mart - a big Korean grocery store.
The SAME EXACT young coconuts (also sometimes called Thai coconuts) were $3.99 
at Whole Foods Market! They had the SAME labels and packaging and all...
I got a bunch from the Korean store :-)

We wrote a blog post for Jake about his struggles with this Beagle ACL injury

Dinner Day 18 - The book said Roasted Fennel Bulb, Lemony Asparagus and Broccoli, and 1 serving Brown Rice (optional)
Haha.... No....
So we had Pinto Beans and Rice with a Microgreen Salad. My servings were small because I wasn't hungry so in the picture it's about 1/4 of the salad and 1/2 a serving of the rice and beans.

Day 19 -- Giving Jake his medicine using a bit of Peanut Butter & Co. White Chocolate Wonderful

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It took a LOT of will power to NOT have a taste of the peanut butter while getting some for Jake. This is my FAVORITE!

Breakfast Day 19 - Fruit...

Walking Jake a bit... he's hopping in the pictures, won't put his back left leg down...

It's tough, but we're doing what we can.
I joked on Instagram that when Jake is better we'll have to create a 
Beagle-90X (like P90X but for Jake) or a Beagle-sanity (Insanity for Jake) haha!
The quote is from Tony Horton in P90X "Do your best, forget the rest Jake!"

Lunch Day 19 - Some of the leftover sweet potatoes and I mixed the garlic veggies leftovers with some leftover short-grain brown rice and seasoned with garlic powder, a little vegetable broth (to soften the leftover rice) and Bragg's liquid aminos (below)

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This came for me in the mail - a surprise!
A couple weeks ago I was contacted by GE (General Electric) through Twitter after posting many healthy lifestyle pictures. They offered me a free gift and sent me these eco-friendly yoga mats! 

Dinner Day 19 - It was supposed to be Mediterranean Roasted Beets, a half-serving Baked Tempeh, and a half-serving of Coconut Collard Greens....
Haha.... No....
We had my vegetable soup, Microgreen Salad, and Black Beans with Rice.
I can't eat Tempeh because of the soy and we're done with trying the greens recipes.
We didn't like any of them...

Breakfast Day 20 - Fruit and another Coconut Shake
Nick had a test that morning so I wanted to make sure he had enough energy for it.

Lunch Day 20 - Microgreen Salad and Green Plantains cooked in a little coconut oil (NOT FRIED)
The book said to have Avocado and Jicama Salad over greens but again, we don't like avocado so...
No thanks on that one...

Dinner Day 20 - Instead of the Asian Stir-Fry and Braised Greens we had Microgreen Salad, Chickpeas cooked with garlic, a drop of olive oil, lemon, parsley, and a little Bragg's liquid aminos.

Day 21!
I forgot to post these individually and I ate lunch before I could take a picture of it. 
I had fruit for breakfast including some young coconut meat, Microgreen Salad for lunch, I tossed some young coconut into a Shakeology for a snack (first snack since week 1) and we have sweet potatoes, veggies, and a little leftover black beans and rice for dinner.
The Reset guidebook had Carrot-Seaweed Medly and Microgreen Salad for lunch and then Roasted Veggies and Avocado-Cucumber Soup for dinner.
No thank you...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these coconuts!

They are FULL with over a cup of Coconut Water and the meat comes right out of the shell with only a spoon. If I'm not using it right away I store the meat IN the coconut water, in a glass bowl or measuring cup and covered in the fridge.

It's also a good idea to store young coconuts in the fridge until you're ready to open them. The outer fiber-y covering grows mold fast... especially in humid environments.
The little plate has some watermelon and young coconut for Atom... His first time having coconut :-)
He loved it!

Week 3 Beachbody Ultimate Reset Info
     So week 3 was tough and as you can see, we needed to change almost every lunch and dinner recipe. But our results were completely fine with us and we still feel great!

     Monday after the Reset ended Nick asked me to make him Chicken for lunch. I told him okay, but I didn't think it was a good idea. I wasn't going to give him a hard time about it though, he's big he can make his own decisions. He ate the Chicken but he felt awful.... he felt really sick for the whole day. He decided that eggs were okay and yogurt or some organic healthy dairy is okay in moderation but it was just too soon for Chicken or meat. So we continue with the vegetarian menu but expand from the Reset.

Post-Ultimate Reset Recipes and Foods
We continue to eat a lot of the same recipes from our Reset, but as you can see, I added back my Bolthouse Farms Yogurt-based Ranch Dressing...

I found this at Trader Joe's
I don't go there often but this stuck out and I said, "Yes, I need this Organic Tricolor Quinoa..."

I only eat bananas that are under-ripe. I can't stand the taste once they start to get brown spots and the skin starts to thin.... The under-ripe bananas are also lower on the Glycemic Index...

Minestrone Sauce with Whole Grain High-Protein High-Fiber Pasta

Close-up of my Minestrone Sauce

Some Multigrain Oatmeal Cereal

I used these in my Oatmeal (above)

Banana and Peanut Butter Sandwich on High-Fiber High-Protein Bread
Using Peanut Butter & Co. White Chocolate Wonderful Peanut Butter...

People don't believe me when I say I burn RIDICULOUS CALORIES
This is from ONE DAY with my BodyMedia Armband, which calculates data at over 95% accuracy.
I did NOT workout on this day.... yet I burned over 3000 calories.
I am NOT over 200 or 300 lbs either haha...

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The BEST Vegetarian Black Bean burgers I EVER HAD!
I'll post the recipes soon...

For more information please visit my Ultimate Reset website or 
email SashaM5381 (at) beachbodycoach (dot) com

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