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Best Flat Iron Hair Straightener I have EVER Used!!!

    My hair straightener broke. Not recently, a few weeks ago, but it broke. I bought my first flat iron in 2003 when I first got my hair professionally cut and the stylist recommended this Helen of Troy Gold Series flat iron which she told me to buy from Sally's Beauty Supply. I bought it and it worked well... or so I thought. Everyone loved it because it had the little temperature knob to turn it to super-high heat and literally singe hair. I didn't know any better so I would use it on the hottest setting and a few times I burnt my hair!

I have owned at least 2 of these over the past 8 years.
They're good, especially for stubborn hair, but be mindful of the heat settings.

     It was decent for the price, though, if you can exercise some control over not using the hottest settings. I believe that the hottest settings are meant to straighten very strong hair, perhaps ethnic or Asian hair? Although my hair is very thick and strong, I'm about as haole as they come so I should never have used the hottest settings.
    The first flat iron died within 2 years and I bought another one. Same kind, also from Sally's Beauty Supply but in another state since we had moved.

   I saw a Remington Wet 2 Straight Flat Iron in a store once, around this time, and I purchased it. I loved the idea! I used it a few times but I found that I really needed to blow-dry my hair to get the frizz under control so the Remington Wet 2 Straight went in a drawer for "back-up" and I continued using the Helen of Troy Gold Series Straightener. 

I have the middle one, which, as you can tell from the image, is too big for my short hair.

   Then in 2008 I saw an infomercial for the K-Styler or Kiyoseki Styler. This was also around the time that the In Styler was showing on TV - that straightener with a rotating iron and brush bristles along the top. I chose to go with the K-Styler and spent I believe over $130 for it. I loved it though! I felt like it did a great job and I had control over the heat settings. I had coverage on it for 3 years, and it lasted 4 years. Toward the end I started noticing the temperature would sometimes JUMP to a wicked high setting even if I had it on less than 300-degrees and twice I accidentally burnt my hair because of this. Luckily I only straighten small sections at a time, and I keep the flat iron moving along the hair so the damage was minor.

     I never had a hair straightener last for so long! And I really liked it. I didn't think it was as miraculous as the commercial made it out to be, but it was definitely a great flat iron. When the K-Styler died, I went looking for the website to order another one. I couldn't find it. Apparently they're no longer making them. I thought about buying one off Amazon or eBay but then I saw reviews for this Remington Frizz Therapy Flat Iron which has special treated or coated ceramic plates that are guaranteed to last for 4 years. The frizz control is said to last 15 hours and the price was under $100. 

    I didn't buy it right away though. I kept using the back-up Remington Wet 2 Straight that I'd had tucked away. The plates on the one I have are 1 1/2" I think, and with my short hair now it's just too big to do the job right. Let's call this laziness.... I could afford to buy a new straightener I was just dragging my feet. 

    A friend of mine posted a picture on Instagram while he was waiting for his straightener to heat up and I asked what sort of straightener he used. Since my hair is short, a straightener small enough for a guy's hair would certainly work on mine! He said he uses a small travel-sized Conair straightener and it's perfect for what he needs. I also considered buying one of those based on his recommendation. (Jason's website is FULL of awesome pictures and recipes ~ Jason's Bites and he posts pictures on Instagram too under Jaayyse so definitely check him out!)


     FINALLY, I was out yesterday for an orthodontics appointment, which was good because I learned I am almost done! It's been 7 months since jaw surgery and I thought the braces would be off by now, but not yet. Now, though, I am almost done :-)  So on my way home I stopped at Target. I know Target carries the Remington straighteners and I saw on the Target website that they had the Frizz Therapy one in stock. When I got to the store, however, it appears the website stock inventory is not quite up to speed with the store's actual inventory and they didn't even have a spot for the Frizz Therapy one. 

     I was going to just leave but I saw this other one that said "Remington Keratin Therapy" and on the box it explained that the plates are Keratin-infused, designed to protect and strengthen hair for 4 years, with warranty/guarantee, and that using it can make hair 2x stronger. It wasn't what I planned on buying, but it seemed like it was decent and comparable, and I decided to go with it.

     This Remington Keratin Therapy Straightener is the BEST FLAT IRON I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!! I can't stress that enough. The plates are very smooth, with floating ceramic plates so there's some movement that helps get your hair neatly and safely between the plates and reduces the impact when you press the plates together over your hair. There's a special heat sensor on the top plate which, when you press the heat sensor button, actually detects the condition of your hair and adjusts the iron temperature as you roll over your hair then returns to your desired settings. This protects your hair from excessive heat damage and it's BRILLIANT! 

I don't hear any sound on the video so if you don't either, that's probably the way it's meant to be.

    The 1" (1-inch) ceramic plates are perfect even for my short hair, and the plates are close enough to the edges of the flat iron casing that I can get really close to my scalp to smooth all the tiny hairs from breakage and regrowth without burning myself (although if you rotate your wrist too much and com at the hair from some angles I believe it is possible to burn yourself with the plates because there is very little lip or edge to the casing along the sides). 

    The temperature heats up very quickly, within 30-60 seconds, and there's a sexy blue light display on the top portion of the flat iron, which shoes THROUGH the gold case so there's no visible display until the iron is turned on. The circular symbol that indicates the iron is on flashes until the desired temperature is reached and the temperature setting is shown in blue lights underneath it. The on/off button, temperature + and - buttons, and the heat sensor button are located in a recessed position on the "thumb-side" (for me, since I'm right handed) of the flat iron, and by "recessed" I mean they're set back a bit so you can't accidentally press them while using the flat iron on your hair. (That was something I had done several times with the K-Styler and with the knob on the Helen of Troy flat irons). 

    I immediately tried the flat iron out when I got home. I couldn't believe how great it worked with only 4 or 5 passes over the top parts of my hair. It was almost time for lunch so I didn't bother pulling out clips and doing all my hair, I just wanted to neaten it up a bit. The ends felt so smooth, and with my short hair if the layers aren't smoothed properly it feels rough or prickly. 

    Taking a closer look at my hair, as best I could in the mirror, the ends of my hair were actually smoother up close so it appears that there is a lot to these Keratin-infused ceramic plates! I HIGHLY recommend this product and I couldn't believe that I got such incredible results at less than $50 when I couldn't get these kinds of results with a flat iron that cost more than twice that!

    Upon leaving Target, I did notice a few small Conair hair straighteners and instantly thought of Jason! I took a quick glance at them and was going to skip it but saw this 3/4" (3/4-inch) Conair Flat Iron for less than $20. Okay, I thought, You win. I grabbed one of them. I figure, even if they're no good, I'm sure I can return them if I am not happy with them. 

    Although the Conair isn't as perfect for my hair as the Remington Keratin Therapy flat iron is, I LOVE the small 3/4" size! It's perfect for a quick touch-up or to get really small stubborn hairs that won't lay flat. And the size is great for travel - and with the price I wouldn't have to worry about it possibly getting broken, stolen, lost, or forgotten in a hotel somewhere while traveling. 

    The Conair straightener accommodates dual voltage so it's good for international travel too, and it has a turbo heat button to increase temperature up to an additional 36-degrees for best results during use. Also with ceramic floating plates, the size is great for short have, bangs or fringe, fly-away hair, frizz, and touch-ups. I don't think I would use this small 3/4-inch flat iron on long or thick hair alone, I would use a larger flat iron or combine a larger flat iron for most of the hair then use this one for finishing the look. Oh! It also has multiple heat settings, but unlike temperature settings with an actual temperature value, the Conair flat iron has "low" "medium" "med-high" and "high" settings and the package explains what the settings mean and who should use each.

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